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We sadly have to postpone EMAC2020 due to COVID-19 pandemia! - Save the date for EMAC 2021:  05. - 09.06.2021


New and special times require new and special steps forward:

To stay in touch we decided to invite you to EMAC-online!

Join us next week during "real" EMAC draft dates!

08. - 09.06.2020

Come and join online!


or just listen and discuss

Times are changing.

We have been strongly challenged and we have learned a lot during these strange months of COVID-pandemia worldwide - and this ist still going on.


This first digital and distanced edition of EMAC 2020 will be a first trial to bring us together - however the situations is like and whatever hinders us to exchange.

This time there are no obstructive reasons like health care, actual obligatory physical distance, transport or accomodation cost, high time investment not to be there.


Even if, back in the office and everydays work, we are all very busy: let's take the chance to meet, present ideas and discuss.


Monday, 8th June 2020, 1pm - 4 pm CET


Tuesday, 9th June, 1pm - 4 pm CET

For the programme see there - will be currently shaped.


We experienced "Zoom" as the most appropriate conference software for our needs. 

If you register with you E-Mail account, you will get the direct link for your participation right in time.

No need to install any software on your communication device, just provide webcam and microphone!


Make yourself comfy in your office or at home and join!

We will be happy to welcome you on-line!

Six hours online are much less than what we had planned for the "classical" EMAC.

Nevertheless there shall be the opportunity to broach the draft issues

Before all we will open the discussion for the most relevant and present topics on Monday.

The programme will grow during the next days according to your registrations and contributions.


No need to prepare a highly professional presentation. Bring reports, depictions of the current situation, short statements, that can be interesting or helpful for our fellow advisors. Let us chat!

Please consider, that a traditional presentation - Power Point or similar - is differently perceived online. If you want to, choose pictures, clips, short or no presentations. 

No contribution should exceed 10 minutes of time.

We will allocate the precise time frame.


MONDAY, 8th June

  • Extraordinary times: the "CORONA-shaped-museum landscape" in our country. Challenges and anticipated developments after the shutdown. How do and will we cope with it?


  • Contactless advice and training - what do we learn for further development programmes?

  • Knowledge supply and exchange - European advisers collaboration and plattforms.


  • Changing of paradigms - sustainibility, responsability and awareness - new museums roles and customized advice.

TUESDAY, 9th June

  • Museums and the others - networking and cooperation for the mutual benefit and a strong integrated approach. 

  • Social responsability and social impact in times of diversification.

  • EMAC and the future. What do we want to do together and how will we use our synergies? What about creating an official network instead of just biennial conferences?

To contribute please fill the corresponding field in the registration form! We will get in touch for time details.

EMAC relies traditionally on good cooperation!


We thank our supportive partners to stick

with us and to accompany the gap year

till me will meet in person next June!

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