The Conference

EMAC 2020

After a range of four years the traditional advisers meeting will take place in Austria

Advisers, developers and consultants both from public and private organisations as well as companies willing to share their experience will come together to exchange, discuss, share and develop ideas for a fruitful, meaningful and sustainable future and the museums role referring to this.


Goals and aims

The field of museum and heritage advice is as multifacetted as the museum landcape all over Europe in general. EMAC Austria strives for bringing experts from most possible European countries together, to discover common challenges and goals, regardless of the very different backgrounds. The manifold experiences and expertise shall open innovative views and solutions for all. 

Creative communication models shall encourage extraordinary solutions.

Finally again the idea of modifying our biennial conference group into a more formal sustainable network shall get one step forward.

The conference will give the opportunity to network on spot, to raise questions and to outline innovative project ideas on a European level. Partners will be available.

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