Call for your contributions


EMAC-Participants are not simply attendees but contributors and cocreators.

This insight follows the traditional model of the EMAC since its beginnings. Every participant is called to contribute in the contentual frame specified within previous discussions in the core group.

The host organisation acts as enabler and facilitator of

space, time, methods, models and organisation.


The following themes and contents are open for discussion and debates and for

YOUR 10-minute contribution:


  • Museums and the others – Networking and cooperation for the mutual benefit and a strong integrated approach

  • Knowledge supply and exchange – European advisers collaboration and plattforms

  • Social responsability and social impact in times of diversification. 

  • Changing of paradigms - sustainibility, responsability and awareness

    • new museums roles and customized advice

  • Politics, policies, advocacy and strategies - Value and added value research of organisations and museums

  • Collections management, preservation and accessibility – Still actual issues?

  • EMAC and the future



In 2020 we as the host are convinced:

the time for frontal lectures and speeches is over. No one in the creative world

wants to spend time with looking at vintage power points.

It is the time for exchange, for cocreation, for the

art of creativity and visions.

Therefor we decided to refrain from a classical „call for papers“.


Instead we call you to be creative in

how to communicate your message or position in a

short, simple and concise way.

Each theme shall be developed through several contributions and subsequent working groups.

What to do?

  • Outline your news, projects, questions to raise, thoughts, etc. in the context of the preselected themes.

  • Send us a proposal of maximum of 1000 caracters.

  • Your contribution should fit into a timeframe of 10 - 15 minutes.

  • Your contribution may raise questions or put forward a hypothesis to be discussed.


  • Deadline for your proposal is March 31st 2020.

  • Proposals will be checked and selcted till April 10th.

  • We will do our best, to bring most interesting proposals possible into the further discussion.

Apply by using the provided form higher on top of this page.  Just in case, that you are not sure about the correct submission of the form: you may also send the form attached in a mail to evelyn.kaindl@musis.at



We are looking forward to your contribution!