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The Styrian Museum Organisation MUSIS is the independent umbrella organisation of 115 museums and about 230 more museum like institutions and private collections in Styria, the federal region in the South East of Austria.

As an association we work with about 230 organisational members. We act as a hub for any questions and contents somehow related to museum work.

Likewise we act as an open forum for discussion in terms of cultural practice, museums and cultural heritage in general. We do this through facilitating the exchange of information and experience as well as by encouraging the creation of networks.

MUSIS is an experienced provider of trainings, meetings and projects on a European level. 

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We rely on good cooperation!


Do you want to become an active or supporting partner or of our conference?

There are plenty of possibilities to work together for our idea:

Active partnership: contribute with a paper, a workshop or even a keynote.

Spread our information and the call for papers beyond your very circle of partners.

Promote the conference during your institutions events.

Get in touch with us and let us know your hints and additional ideas for the conference.

Supporting partnership: Be present with your institution or with your services during the conference  and ask for the 

sponsorship package.



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